The story behind great action photos

It’s been great fun gathering plants and rocks from the area and re-creating the scene inside the photography MDT_BU_C3_9368-2studio. MDT_BU_C3_9334-2Photographing Bulgarian bats has proven far more difficult than anticipated. For the past five nights Merlin, Toni and Dani have worked all night, shooting hundreds of images nightly of which only about one in hundreds have been really great. Sometimes they worked all night two or three nights in a row without getting a single usable picture.

Building authentic-looking sets has been hard work, but finding sufficient natural prey for the bats to capture in the sets has been even more problematic. Rains and cold nights have continued to hamper activities, however at about 4:30 this morning we finally got some really nice photos.


2 thoughts on “The story behind great action photos

  1. What species of bats and insects or other prey? And does the species that eats stinkbugs have a reduced sense of smell like birds?

    1. Sorry, Stephanie, way behind in responding to this question. The bat species are with the photos taken of the bats. As for the reduced sense of smell, Merlin said he does not know if that’s been investigated by anyone.

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