What is MTBC?

Our mission is to teach people everywhere the many benefits of living harmoniously with bats.

Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation is the most recent contribution by Merlin Tuttle to the world of bats.  With over 50 years of in-depth knowledge and experience Merlin Tuttle, renowned bat expert, educator and wildlife photographer founded MTBC with one true goal in mind; teaching the world to understand and appreciate the vital contributions bats make to human beings and the world we live in.

Bats need champions.

No group of mammals has been more misunderstood, needlessly feared or intensely persecuted.  Relying on a powerful combination of science, field knowledge and photography, MTBC helps save millions of bats each year, protecting public health, economies and worldwide ecosystems by teaching people to live harmoniously with bats.

We Fear Most What We Understand Least

We provide clear, science-based explanations to dispel fear and help people benefit from conserving bats. Once people understand the value of bats most voluntarily become enthusiastic protectors.

Our goal is to win friends not battles.

We Don’t Know Enough

Bats are incredibly important, both ecologically and economically, but many of their benefits and abilities remain undiscovered or unacknowledged due to lack of research and a tainted reputation.  For the last 55 years, Merlin Tuttle has been a catalyst, both to encourage discovery and discourage exaggerated fear. His famous photos of bats in action, catching insects, pollinating flowers and spreading seeds, coupled with vast field experience provide a knowledge base for educators and scientists worldwide.  MTBC is dedicated to encouraging new research efforts and furthering exploration.

Help Us. Help Bats. Help You.