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Citizen Scientists: In Search of Bats

Merlin Tuttle, Geoffrey Gomes and Daniel Hargreaves share their personal stories of how they found their way to science as […]

What DID Austin, TX and Phnom Penh, Cambodia have in common? Bats!

Cambodia’s National Museum once offered an additional attraction–a huge bat colony.

Dr. Merlin Tuttle hand-feeding Hardwicke’s woolly bat

Dr. Merlin Tuttle has trained the Hardwicke’s woolly bat (from Malaysia) to eat mealworms out of his hand. When the […]

Merlin Tuttle introduces the importance of conserving bats

Les Chauves Souris D’algerie, Algerian Bat Group, held a bat workshop in Algeria, hosted by Professor Mourad Ahmim of the […]

Merlin Tuttle’s Keynote Address at NASBR Symposium 2016

46th Annual North American Society of Bat Research Symposium Keynote Address by Dr. Merlin Tuttle. San Antonio, Texas. October 13, […]

Question- “How do you get rid of bats”? Answer- “What’s the problem?”

Are you afraid of bats?

Taming Wild Bats for Photography – Official Trailer

Merlin Tuttle on taming bats for photography.

Merlin Tuttle training a bat

Merlin Tuttle training Malinda the Little big-eared bat (Micronycteris megalotis) to hand feed and come on call in Trinidad. She’s […]

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