Merlin D. Tuttle

Founder & Executive Director

Merlin is comfortable crawling deep into caves, lugging equipment through tropical jungles, or standing on a stage introducing the world to the Secret Lives of Bats. (Shameless book plug…click here to purchase.)
Merlin started his bat career as a teenager, has done field research on every continent where bats live, photographed hundreds of species, founded Bat Conservation International and has been a key force in changing the way the world perceives bats.

Merlin couldn’t stand retirement with so much yet to be done, so he founded Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation. He continues to dedicate his life to the study, preservation and promotion of bats and their contributions to our world. MTBC benefits from his lifetime of knowledge, renowned photography and is the legacy of a man who turned his passion into a profession.

He also enjoys occasional fly fishing outings and caring for his persimmon trees.
To read Merlin’s complete biography click here and for his Curriculum Vitae click here

Paula K. Tuttle

Logistics & Communication

A strong background in logistics and almost a decade of field experience in bat conservation and nature photography form the foundation of Paula Tuttle’s position.

Paula helps keep the rest of us on task, manages the legal and financial details, maintains our blog, and makes a mean mulled apple cider.

She is an avid runner, gardener and is loved by everyone.

Teresa M. Nichta

Digital & Social Media

Teresa’s core responsibility is digitizing and managing Merlin’s extensive photographic collection. She manages social media, correspondence and all things in between.
She is also an experienced photographer and practices yoga, aerial silks, and dreaming.

Danielle Brancazio

Website Development & Support

Danielle Brancazio, found her calling when she realized that most teenagers weren’t as enchanted by the packaging of Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy album as she was. To her, it showed that something as simple as an album art could truly be considered as art. It was elegant, accessible and innovative, and most importantly, didn’t need to be in a museum to have an impact on the viewer. A lifelong artist, the realization honed Danielle’s interests, and she went on to earn a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Danielle began her career by uniting her love of art and music as a Senior Designer for Concord Records, where she directed album art design for such artists as Quincy Jones, Tito Puente, and John Fogerty. Wanting to explore a different design medium, Danielle moved to the Big Picture Group, creating conceptual ads for clients such as Bravo, Discovery Channel, Millennium Pictures, and SyFy Network.

Danielle came to realize that her true passion was for a convergence of technology and design, so she began working as a software Product Manager, UX/UI designer and Customer Success Manager for various startups in a variety of industries, including events, pharmaceuticals & healthcare.

In addition to Tuttle (Chair), the directors are:

Dr. Michael Ryan, Clark Hubbs Regents Professor in Zoology, The University of Texas at Austin. Ryan is an exceptionally well known animal behaviorist who has worked extensively with bats.

Dr. Rachel Page, Staff Scientist, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Bat behavior is Page’s full-time research specialty.

Linda Moore, Director of Administration and Finance, Bat Conservation International for 28 years (retired in 2013).

Merlin remains enthusiastically committed to bat conservation full-time, and given his unprecedented track record, it is impossible to predict the full potential of his new organization for which he serves as Executive Director. As always, he is aiming high, and his current health is excellent. He hopes to continue full-time for at least another decade. However, should age catch up with him before his new organization can become fully independent, he and his directors have made provision for any remaining assets to be transferred to the most appropriate bat-focused conservation organization available at that time, most likely Bat Conservation International.

Merlin, more than ever, needs partners like you. Please consider joining him now. Everyone counts!

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  1. Hello! My name is Libba Tracy and I am creating a bat awareness project through the Black Mountain Center for the Arts in Black Mountain, N.C. Three years ago the project was “Bring Back the Monarchs”. The following year was “What’s the Buzz about Bees” and last year it was “For the Bees” These have each involved 400 children, and art exhibit, reception and whole town visuals that brought attention to the problems facing each of these topics. I am very much interested in the possibilities of using Merlin’s gorgeous photographs in the gallery to help educate the public during this exhibit. Can someone please call me to have a conversation about this? I would so appreciate this! Thank you! Libba Tracy 828-231-6354
    P.s. To give you an idea of the scope of these projects, please go to utube and look at “Bring Back the Monarchs” – Black Mountain N.C.

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